The Windermere District Farmers' Institute and Livestock Association (WDFI) represents the interest of  the agricultural community from Canal Flats to Golden.   It was incorporated in 1914 and has been in continuous operation ever since.  There have been several name changes and in 2012 new by-laws were adopted that were more in tune with the times, but the constitution remained the same:

                 1. to improve conditions of rural life so that settlement may be permanent and prosperous;
             2. to promote the theory and practice of agriculture;
             3. to arrange on behalf of its members for the purchase, distribution or sale of commodities, supplies or products;
             4. to act generally on behalf of its members in all matters incidental to agricultural pursuits and rural development;
             5. to promote home economics, public health, child welfare, education and better schools.

In 1973 the WDFI acquired the 20 acre fair ground property of the then defunct East Kootenay Agricultural Association at the crossroads.  This property presently is the home of the Windermere Valley Saddle Club and Town & Country Feeds.
The WDFI has created a vision plan on how we hope to develop this land for the benefit of agriculture and food security in our area - called the Agri Park.  The first step will be to build an abattoir so that local livestock can be slaughtered, inspected and the meat sold for public consumption. We received zoning approval in 2013 and are presently working on plans and funding.
In 2010 the WDFI was instrumental in initiating the Columbia Valley Agricultural Plan which morphed into the East Kootenay Agricultural Plan.

The WDFI is presently working together with David Zehnder on the Ecological Servies Initiative (ESI).



  (1) The members of the institute are the subscribers of the constitution and the persons admitted to membership in accordance with these bylaws.
   (2) Every person desiring to become a member in good standing of the institute shall:
  be involved in the commercial production of agricultural products;
  apply to the secretary;
  agree to conform to and abide by the bylaws of the institute;
  pay the annual membership dues.
  (3) Whereas the institute is affiliated with the BC Cattlemen’s Association, one member of each production unit owning 5 or more cattle shall also be a member of the BC Cattlemen’s Association and unless their fees have been paid through another agency, their annual fee shall be added to the member’s institute annual fee.        
   (4) Members who produce other commodities are encouraged to join their respective provincial commodity group.
   (5) A person not involved in the commercial production of agricultural products may apply for Associate Membership
                  (a) An associate member is invited to meetings, can speak at meetings, can  serve on committees, but is not entitled to vote
                  (b) The associate membership fee is the same as the regular membership fee.

Annual Membership Dues:

Cattle Producers:  $25.00 + BC Cattlemen’s Association $125.00 =
                               $150.00 - this includes subscription to BEEF in BC
Other Agricultural Producers: $25.00

Membership Application Form MembershipApplication1

  Windermere District Farmers’ Institute