To use the property the WDFI owns as a focus for the development of locally produced food.
     1. Build an interpretive exhibit about agriculture in the Columbia Valley to communicate the history and importance of local food.
     2. Create a space for a Fair/Festival ground.
     3. Partner with individuals, companies or co-ops to build facilities to produce local food products.
     4. Partner with individuals, companies or co-ops to build facilities to market local food products


By making the WDFI land available to private enterprise it will create business opportunities in production and marketing of local agricultural and food products. This will benefit not only the businesses created, but the agricultural industry in the whole district.

The availability of locally produced food can be used to market the area as a desirable tourist destination point.

The Possibilities are Endless:

Fair / Festival Grounds:
Fairs, Exhibitions, Markets, Stage for Performances, ........

Production Centers:
Business Incubator for Commercial Food Production, Cut & Wrap and Meat Processing Facility, Community Cold Storage, Grain Production and Processing Center, ............

Marketing Centers:
Deli, Bakery, Restaurant all featuring local food, .............

Action Plan:

An individual, company or co-op interested in locating a business on WDFI land would approach the WDFI with a proposal and together we would explore the means of building the facility and come to an agreement of a reasonable annual rent, taking into account the potential profit of the business and its benefit to the agricultural/food community.


       The Agri Park


  Windermere District Farmers’ Institute